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Humiliating! First Biden, then Pelosi thinks Africa is all one country

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What is it with white libs and Africa?

nancypelosiafrica0807First, Vice President Joe Biden addressed the leaders of 50 nations of Africa at the White House on Tuesday expressing his hopes for “the nation of Africa.” Then former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sent out a Twitter post addressed to the same group saying she was “honored to discuss the valuable relationship between our two countries.”

The whole world knows Biden’s an idiot, so if he refers to a continent that’s home to more than 1 billion people and 55 nations as just another foreign place– El Salvador, maybe, or that Myanmar operation – no one’s really surprised.

But Pelosi? The hip, worldly San Francisco grande dame? Her staff tried to erase the embarrassing tweet shortly after it was posted, but in the Twitter world, nothing is forgotten.

And the critics joyfully piled on.

This tweeter agrees.

No, unfortunately. It’s the Democratic leadership of what the first Republican president once called “the last, best hope of earth.”

But it’s not all bad news. Here’s one optimist’s take.

You might have to visit all 57 states though.


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