Border patrol morale at all-time low: One agent killed, Obama’s policies ties hands of others

border patrolIn response to a video of a border patrol agent making a stunning admission that it no longer matters if you’re a U.S. citizen when crossing into the United States, a union leader says that view is an “accurate” portrayal of morale at the agency.

National Border Patrol Council Vice President Chris Cabrera told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto Wednesday morale is at an all-time low right now” because they are “not allowed to do the job that they were hired to do,” according to National Review Online.

Not helping matters, authorities in Texas arrested two illegal immigrants from Mexico this week for the murder of an off-duty border patrol agent in front of his wife and children — one of the men had been caught illegally entering the U.S. four times, the other twice, according to Fox News.

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Fox News anchor Lou Dobbs pointed out a little known fact in an appearance Wednesday on “The O’Reilly Factor” — it is a felony to reenter the U.S. after being deported once. Dobbs said that President Obama “is insisting” that the border patrol not prosecute these cases.

Cabrera said minors from Central America, including those who admit to being criminals and gang members, take advantage of a “loophole” in the law to stay, causing an impact on morale.

NRO reported:

Under current policy, unaccompanied minors are allowed to stay in the country if they have family in the United States and say they have none in their home country, regardless of their background.

“Even if he is a confirmed gang member, a confirmed criminal, even by self-admission, we for some reason don’t send them back to their home country — we release them into our country,” Cabrera said.

He added that minors usually end up staying in the U.S. “nine times out of ten.”

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