WH pulls plug on press at soiree featuring Lionel Richie; Valerie Jarrett ‘rubs it in your face’

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On the same day a two star general was killed in Afghanistan, President Obama partied like it was 1980’s all over again, being serenaded by the great Lionel Richie — and top Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett was loving every minute of it.

Richie was at the White House Tuesday to entertain guests at the U.S.- Africa Leaders Summit dinner.

And while the White House pulled the plug on the media — literally, as CBS News’ Mark Knoller reported the plug was pulled on audio and video feed for the press after one song — Jarrett took to Twitter to show that there’ll be no such restraints placed on her, Twitchy.com reported.

She also managed to prove just how tone deaf this administration is:

The concert seemed to hit a nerve with Twitter users who’ve grown frustrated watching Obama fiddle as the world around us burns.

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It was hard to miss the growing resentment toward an administration that hangs its hat on class warfare, even as they enjoying a lavish lifestyle available to few Americans. Recent stories that the national debt will top $20 trillion under this president didn’t help matters.

Here are a few responses, via Twitter:

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