Inspiring tombstone memorializing courageous little boy attracts attention

Statue2A Utah couple built a touching memorial to their 11-year-old son that has since inspired countless strangers.

Matthew Robinson was born in 1988 with a number of disabilities after suffering a lack of oxygen during labor, his parents, Ernest and Anneke Robinson, said, according to the Independent Journal Review. The boy was paralyzed from the neck down, blind and could only speak a few words.

But his parents said that what Matthew lacked in physical ability he made up for in courage, something they wanted to immortalize in a tombstone dedicated to the young boy taken too soon.


Ernest Robinson designed the statue at a Salt Lake City cemetery to inspire all who saw it.

“Instead of sadness, the statue makes our son Matthew’s grave a place of happiness,” the father told Enjoy Utah, a blog on things to do and see in the state. “Many others have found that true also.”

The tribute was completed in 2000, offering a beacon of hope to many who have visited the cemetery since, according to the Independent Journal Review.

Amanda Shea


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