Florida Five: Redistricting special election possible this year, Who’s telling the truth in heated HD 15?

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips:

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Supervisors: special election is possible this year for revised congressional districts: Elections officials in the counties facing redrawn congressional districts concluded on Tuesday that, contrary to arguments of Republican legislators, the state could conduct special elections for a handful of districts this year – but winners would not be chosen until after Nov. 4. By postponing the primary and general elections for as many as 10 congressional seats in North and Central Florida, Florida could again become the last state in the nation to announce its elections results. Read more

Florida races heat up: Fant vs Renner, who’s telling the truth in HD 15?: Every election cycle, it’s the same. We get to the last month before the primaries, and the otherwise-boring political season of predictable slogans and policy proposals melts into a fiery inferno of traded barbs. Like heat-sensing missiles, mail pieces and media fill the air, delivering blows and, ultimately, what most people hope for: the knockout. It’s always interesting to see who fires first, how the opponents respond, and how the one who fired first tries to deny responsibility. It has become a farce. Consider what happened in Florida House District 15 last week. Read more

Another Obamacare rate hike: Florida premiums to spike 13.2 percent: Individual health insurance premiums will increase an average of 13.2 percent in 2015, according to the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation. That’s on top of this year’s 37 percent combined increase for individual and small group plans. The new rate data comes from health insurance providers jockeying to participate in Florida’s federally-run Affordable Care Act insurance “marketplace.” Read more

As Republicans battle to take Senate, Rubio throws his support behind three candidates in tight races: Don’t let anybody say Marco Rubio doesn’t like a challenge. The Florida Republican senator, who doesn’t have his own race to worry about this year (let’s leave aside that whole presidential thing) said he’s all-in for three Republican Senate challengers. And in all three cases, the pick Rubio is supporting is in the tightest of races. “I’m supporting every Republican challenger, but we’re focused on three races right now,” Rubio said. Read more

Putting partisanship aside and making tough choices: By U.S. Reps. David Jolly and Patrick Murphy – Whenever we’re home in Florida, our constituents always ask us about the country’s finances. The American people instinctively know that running mindless deficits and carrying an unsustainable debt load hurts our country and their families. They also know that a balanced budget cannot come without tough choices. Unfortunately, history has shown that Congress refuses to make those tough choices. Read more

Bonus: Fla. mom arrested for allowing son to play at park gets free legal defense

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