Desperate plea from a tearful Iraqi politician will blow you away: We are being butchered in Allah’s name

iraqi-kurd“In the name of humanity.”

A tearful Iraqi politician pleaded with the Iraqi Parliament, and the world, for help Tuesday, saying they’re “being butchered under the banner of ‘There is no God but Allah.'”

According to the New York Daily NewsVian Dakheel, a Yazidi member of Parliament, is seen on video begging for the lives of her people — the Yazidi are members of the Kurdish Alliance.

“Mr. Speaker, we are being butchered under the banner of ‘There is no God but Allah,'” she cried. “Until now 500 men and boys have been butchered… Please, Mr. Speaker allow me to finish. My family is being butchered… I am speaking here in the name of humanity. Please Save Us! Please Save Us!”

Dakheel collapsed in tears as she completed her remarks.

The Washington Post reported Tuesday that up to 40,000 Yazidis, including children, are stranded on a barren mountaintop. Their options are to stay put and possibly die of thirst, or come down and risk being slaughtered by the ISIS.

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“There are children dying on the mountain, on the roads,” said Marzio Babille, the Iraq representative for the United Nations Children’s Fund. “There is no water, there is no vegetation, they are completely cut off and surrounded by Islamic State. It’s a disaster, a total disaster.”

Meanwhile, President Obama and Democratic lawmakers in America who speak of the need for “compassion” when talking about the plight of Central American children remain silent — even as Iraqi children face a far bleaker future.

Tom Tillison


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