5-year-old’s off-the-charts cute live TV interview becomes viral smash

This 5-year-old may need an agent after a live TV interview from a Pennsylvania fair Friday went viral.

Noah Ritter was stopped by a reporter and camera crew on the opening day of the Wayne County Fair and within moments he stole the show.

The video went viral all over the world for its cuteness factor and the boy’s fondness for the word ‘apparently.’

“We were watching it on the computer and it replayed on the local news,” Noah’s grandfather Jack Borowski told ABC. “He’s going, ‘That’s me. I’m a celebrity.’

“I think he’s enjoying it,” Borowski said.

Check out the video from WNEP TV, that already has over 2 million views. :

If you can’t get enough of Noah, News 16 has a follow-up interview to the story:


Michele Kirk


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