Man has hilarious command over obedient fowl; all his ducks are in a row!

This video gives new meaning to having your ducks in a row! The loud man in the You Tube clip had quite a command over the waddling birds. He got […]

Subway riders band together, physically move train to save trapped man

An Australian man who found himself trapped between a subway train and a platform avoided serious injury when his fellow Aussies fell back on “people power” to […]

Ouch! Rep. Steve King gives a couple of DREAMers a lesson in US law

Two immigrants confronted U.S. Rep. Steve King at an Iowa restaurant Monday about his desire to “get rid of” undocumented minors seeking legal status – and wound […]

Inspiring tombstone memorializing courageous little boy attracts attention

A Utah couple built a touching memorial to their 11-year-old son that has since inspired countless strangers. Matthew Robinson was born in 1988 with a number of […]

IGs plead with Congress for help with Obama administration stonewalling

The men and women in charge of overseeing the operations of dozens of federal agencies are pleading with Congress for help overcoming endemic stonewalling in the Obama […]

Desperate plea from a tearful Iraqi politician will blow you away: We are being butchered in Allah’s name

“In the name of humanity.” A tearful Iraqi politician pleaded with the Iraqi Parliament, and the world, for help Tuesday, saying they’re “being butchered under the banner […]

Oops! MSNBC reporter has Obama birther moment that won’t sit well with the boss

An unintended segue by a MSNBC host Joy Reid gave its unsophisticated White House reporter a golden opportunity to jump straight into the mud. On Tuesday’s “Reid […]

News footage catches Hamas setting up rocket near hotel filled with media, civilians

In the terrorist mind, the more blood the better — especially on camera.. An Indian television news crew has recorded Hamas terrorists installing and launching a rocket […]

lionel ritchie
WH pulls plug on press at soiree featuring Lionel Richie; Valerie Jarrett ‘rubs it in your face’

On the same day a two star general was killed in Afghanistan, President Obama partied like it was 1980’s all over again, being serenaded by the great […]

Ben Shapiro reams CNN for pro-Hamas coverage and stunning lack of context

Breitbart News senior editor-at-large Ben Shapiro slammed CNN for its blatantly pro-Hamas coverage during the four-week struggle in Gaza. Placed opposite pro-Palestinian apologist Rula Jebreal on Monday […]

cop const
NJ cop to citizen: ‘If Obama doesn’t have to follow the Constitution, we don’t have to’

What happens when a sitting president shows a repeated willful defiance to follow the law? This New Jersey cop says it all. According to Photography Is Not […]

5-year-old’s off-the-charts cute live TV interview becomes viral smash

This 5-year-old may need an agent after a live TV interview from a Pennsylvania fair Friday went viral. Noah Ritter was stopped by a reporter and camera crew […]