Woman, 80, facing intruder, grabs gun, calls 911; dispatcher’s instructions were insane!

An 80-year-old Holmes Beach, Fla., woman recovering from hip replacement surgery grabbed her gun when she heard “a commotion” in her home, ignoring a 911 operator’s pleas to put it down.

NJ Logan told Fox 13 News she knew the noise coming from downstairs wasn’t her husband, who was out playing bridge.

 burglarPhoto Credit:  The Telegraph

Rather, it came from an intruder, who had smashed out a window, cut a screen and was walking around, Fox 13 News reported Friday.

Logan dialed 911 and ran downstairs to confront the burglar, shouting warnings that she was armed.

That’s when a dispatcher told her to put the gun down.

I’ll put the gun down when I see police,” Logan replied.

The would-be robber took off, and police are still looking for a suspect.

Watch the interview on YouTube here.

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