Sneaky little lion cub scares the heck out of unsuspecting dog

This playful cub plays a mean game of hide and seek. And it’s so cute.

According to Shaun Swingler, who posted it on You Tube, the clip was filmed at Cornellskop Animal Training Farm, Bot River, Western Cape, South Africa.

Swingler writes:

Cornellskop Animal Training Farm is a fully licensed farm which trains animals for work in films and television commercials. The farm is run by a team with more than two decades of professional animal wrangling experience. All animals on the farm are loved and cared for and completely socialised to one another and play together often – as can be seen in the clip.
In addition Cornellskop Animal Training Farm works very closely with conservation authorities as well as welfare associations to care for rescued and unwanted animals.

Michele Kirk


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