Pelosi’s ‘racist’ message to Obama: If a Republican said this, MSNBC would demand an apology!

If you missed President Obama’s birthday, you haven’t been online in a while.

Americans were repeatedly reminded of the president’s birthday in the days leading up to the big day Monday. Twitter was awash in well wishes, including an odd one from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., who tweeted:

The left is always quick to cry racism at any given moment, so Pelosi’s posts have prompted many to wonder what would happen if a conservative tweeted such comments to the president.

To be fair, Pelosi may find it necessary to tweet about cake before even knowing what’s in the cake. That’s what these Twitter users seemed to think, tweeting:

Can you imagine how embarrassed Pelosi would be if Obama really likes yellow cake?

h/t: Twitchy

Amanda Shea

As a regular writer for multiple conservative news outlets, Amanda is passionate about politics and current issues affecting our country.
Amanda Shea


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