Fuming NYPD cops get back at Al Sharpton with fake commissioner badge

Photo Credit: NYDailyNews.com
Photo Credit: NYDailyNews.com

New York City Police officers, upset with leftist Democrat Rev. Al Sharpton’s influence over Mayor Bill de Blasio and the NYPD, have begun passing around a fake ID portraying him as Police Department Commissioner.

Meant to exaggerate the seemingly undue sway the outspoken civil rights activist has over New York’s socialist mayor, and by extension Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, the bogus ID has also infiltrated the internet and the twittersphere, the NY Daily News reported.

The satirical art work, a product of fuming police officers, came about because of Sharpton’s intercession in a City Hall summit discussing the July 27 death of Eric Garner. The Staten Island resident was killed when Officer Daniel Pantaleo put an illegal chokehold on him in the course of an arrest.

At City Hall, Bratton described his plan to retrain the NYPD’s 20,000-man force regarding the chokehold. Sharpton countered that it would be better to parade a handcuffed Pantaleo before the media and let the embarrassment serve the purpose.

He also suggested that de Blasio’s own son would “be a candidate for a chokehold” if his father wasn’t mayor, all of which left the police department’s rank-and-file steaming.

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