Chris Matthews: Obama should sue Congress right back – for disobedience

Seeking out a new low in liberal political illiteracy, MSNBC host Chris Matthews on Monday used up precious air time to suggest that President Obama sue Congress to counter the lawsuit Congress has filed against him.

chrismatthews0805newDuring the “Let Me Finish” segment of Matthews’ “Hardball” show, the useless idiot decried the failure of Congress to do Obama’s bidding on matters like the budget and confirming “non-political ambassadors to important posts.”

Congressional independence, Matthews said, constitutes “failure to provide services” by the Congress, making it vulnerable to action by the president.

Putting aside that nothing in this administration is “non-political” – from the IRS to the Justice Department to the White House garden – Matthews has the whole constitutional checks and balance thing wrong.

House Speaker John Boehner has sued the president for violating the Constitution. (It’s telling the Democrats literally think that’s part of the president’s job description these days.)

Matthews wants Obama to sue Congress for “failure to provide services” to the president.

Matthews should learn some time that Congress is an independent branch of government directly by the people to do their bidding, not some despot at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue. And if a majority of the House is blocking Obama at every turn, it’s because that’s what the country wants them to do – just like James Madison intended.

In other words, servicing Barack Obama isn’t John Boehner’s job.

Chris Matthews just wishes it was his.


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