Bergdahl’s former roommate: Even Chairman of Joint Chiefs said ‘everybody knows he walked off ‘


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While the Army’s investigation into the disappearance of Bowe Bergdahl moves at a snail’s pace, his former infantry roommate said that even the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff knew the soldier had gone AWOL on his own.

Cody Full told The Daily Caller that Admiral Mike Mullen came to his unit for Thanksgiving dinner, after months of fruitlessly and dangerously searching for the missing soldier, and said, “Yeah, he walked off, everybody knows he walked off, I don’t know why they’re trying to pretend that he didn’t.”

Another Bergdahl platoon mate, Matt Vierkant, told the Caller, “For us, we knew right away we were looking for him on our outpost, up to battalion level knew he had walked off.”

“Some children said he was crawling through the reeds,” he added. “Maybe two or three days later I heard he had been picked up by a village a couple of miles away from us. More information would come out each day.”

Vierkant described the perilous efforts soldiers made in IED-laden areas to find Bergdahl. “Stop this type of car…It was a huge mission at the time. In the first month, thousands of people tried to find him…Special Forces, aircraft. It definitely distracted. It was the mission for a month straight.”

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He continued that the search remained intense for three months, and then slackened off due to a lack of usable intelligence.

Vierkant felt that Bergdahl deserted out of boredom, saying, “He was upset because he wanted us to do more. More aggressive missions. It wasn’t all he thought it was going to be…he sent emails back home to his parents completely 180 degrees different than what he was saying to us.”

Bergdahl was held in captivity for nearly 5 years and controversially traded on May 31 for 5 Taliban leaders released from Guantanamo Bay.

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