Ed Henry confronts White House: Why didn’t you fix immigration when Dems had the House and Senate?

Fox News’ Ed Henry called out the White House Monday for dumping more unwarranted blame on House Republicans over not passing immigration reform.

“Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, they were running the House and Senate,” Henry said to press secretary Josh Earnest. “They failed to act for two years. Why didn’t he do anything then?”

“At the time, you recall back in 2009, there were many things on the president’s plate,” Earnest said. That was his answer?

But, Henry wasn’t satisfied with the “he was too busy” line.

“As there are now — Israel, Gaza, Syria, the economy — he has a lot going on now, right?” Henry correctly noted.

Earnest insisted that the economic crisis was to blame, but Henry pressed one more time.

“You’ve said several times here that you are focused on solving problems . . . you had the House, Senate and White House 2009, 2010. Why didn’t you focus on solving immigration problems then?”

Good question.


Michele Kirk


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