Dem tries to hide tracks after anti-Asian race-baiting in Kentucky Senate race

A Democrat operative and activist trying to unseat Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell from his Kentucky Senate seat is backtracking badly — and trying to cover up — after a race-based attack on McConnell’s wife over the weekend.


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Kentucky Democrat activist Kathy Groober loves women in politics — as long as they’re not “Asian” and conservative.

And that wife is one of the most accomplished women in America of any ethnicity: Elaine Chao, who spent eight years as Labor secretary under President George W. Bush.

In a series of Twitter posts, the activist, Kathy Groob, slammed McConnell repeatedly for being married to an Asian woman, even though  Groob herself launched an angry attack last year on another liberal, progressive Kentucky group that argued  bizarrely that Chao’s ethnic background might explain why American companies are opening factories in China.

Groob has deleted the tweets after their explicitly racial content drew public scorn — including an attempt by the Kentucky Democratic Party to distance itself from the longtime activist.

But they’re still out there, according to WHAS-TV in Louisville. Check them out here.




And how about this appeal to the ultimate authority …


With all due respect to the Bluegrass State and Mitch McConnell, there’s plenty to know about a woman like Elaine Chao without knowing who her husband is.

elainechao0804The daughter of Taiwanese parents who arrived in the country at 8 years old speaking no English and has since served as Cabinet secretary, director of the Peace Corps, president and CEO of United Way and numerous other posts in finance and the federal government. In short, she’s exactly the kind of woman Dems despise: accomplished, successful and conservative.

A Democrat activist and “progressive” like Groob boils all that down into one word — Asian — she hopes will appeal to the basest instincts in American politics.

The kicker is, when Groob was called on the attack, she backtracked with an apology — also deleted — “for a poor choice of words,” according to WHAS.

A “poor choice of words” six times in a row?

Groob got plenty of blowback for the KKK-style attack, but this one sums it up pretty well.


That would cover it for Groob. But what does it say about the rest of the Democrat Party in Kentucky that an experienced operative would appeal to race in a campaign where the key is turning out the party’s most active voters?


Joe Saunders

Joe Saunders, a 25-year newspaper veteran, is a staff writer and editor for BizPac Review who lives in Tallahassee and covers capital and Florida politics. Email Joe at [email protected].


18 thoughts on “Dem tries to hide tracks after anti-Asian race-baiting in Kentucky Senate race

  1. Rip Rogers says:

    His wife is a liberal! Who would have thought.
    It is in the family…

    1. Don Meaker says:

      United Way is a private charity. Conservatives give more to private charity than Liberals. Libby Dole was also CEO of a private charity, the Red Cross. Private Charities help people, and normally do not foster dependence. (If you get one blood transfusion from Red Cross, they don’t press you to keep taking it once the need is no longer there.)

      1. Rip Rogers says:

        United Way takes money from anyone and should be abolished. In defense plants they try to force its employees to deduct for the liberal sham.
        I have toured and investigated the United Way, they will not get my money again.
        Peace Corps is not American…

        1. faithandhonor says:

          United Way was the first major charity in CA to defund the Boy Scouts, when they were still trying to keep the organization and its values clean. The militant queers did it. Since then, no giving for me. I gave directly to the Scouts instead.

      2. Rip Rogers says:

        The politicians pay in to so called charities to imply they are charitable while stealing OUR money.

    2. Michael Becker says:

      That’s Engrish…

    3. Brian Robinson says:

      There are plenty of people
      who legally come to this country and don’t speak the language at first. She was
      8 yrs. old for Christ sake. You’re just as bad as Groob. As for the charities you have a point
      on some of those. IMO UNISEF is the worst, a portion of the funds they receive
      get funneled off into the UN’s world wide anti-gun campaign.

      1. Rip Rogers says:

        They are to assimilate and bury their flag symbolically for me to ever accept them.
        Charities always get to the wrong person what is not adsorbed by the administering of it that is.
        The UN, NATO, NAFTA, CAFTA should be removed from the face of the earth

  2. CrossingTheDelaware says:

    So much for the Libs love of (legal) immigrants. If Chao was an illegal alien from Gutemala, Groob would have held her fire.

    1. curmudgeon says:

      Only if married or preferably living with a same sex ‘partner’ who belongs to the liberal democRAT party.

    2. obamathemarxist says:

      And sucking on the public teat

  3. rbeccah says:

    Groob was using her racist attacks to fire up the Democratic base (which is pretty base, if you ask me).

  4. Diggsc says:

    Scratch a Leftist, and a racist will bleed, every time. Whether you are talking about outright racism like this, or the racism of lowered expectations for non-whites, it’s all racism. And it’s all on the Leftist side of the political spectrum.

    1. Doug says:

      She’s a lovely woman and makes great Moo Goo Gai Pan.

      1. Don Meaker says:

        She is lovely and smart. Get over the rest of it.

  5. Vunderkint says:

    Political theater story.

    I’m disappointed that Ditch MacConnell won his primary bid. He was part of the establishment republicrat leadership that actually worked with the Democrats to stall attempts to derail /defund Obamacare.

  6. curmudgeon says:

    Liberals are sure a low life form. Somewhere in the same level as rats and cockroaches.

  7. Kyle Prescott says:

    Are there really no Americans of asian descent in Kentucky? I would find that a little hard to believe.

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