‘Big middle finger’ to atheists? Texas county adds the ‘G’ word to official envelopes

The elected tax collector for one of the largest counties in Texas is making a statement as bold as the state.

The office has added an “In God We Trust” stamp to envelopes issued by the office and hopes to add the motto to more documents next year, according to KTVT, Fort Worth’s CBS affiliate.

A $3 stamp is all it took to add four powerful words to correspondence from Tarrance County, Texas, tax collector’s office.

The purpose is twofold.

“There are people who will see it and see a religious statement and there are others that will see it and see a patriotic statement,” Tax Assessor/Collector Ron Wright told the station. “I look at it and see both.”

Wright, who was elected to the office on his own right in 2012 after being appointed to finish the term of a predecessor, said the phrase “helps define us as Americans.”

That might seem difficult these days, particularly in a border state that’s been targeted by the Obama administration and Attorney General Eric Holder for five years of legal battles, but Wright has gotten virtually no public opposition from residents of the county, the fourth largest in the state by population.

One letter writer to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram complained, according to The Blaze, and some atheist types outside the area don’t like it – a blogger for the Friendly Atheist called it a “big middle finger to all the atheists in the country. ”

But most people interviewed by KTVT thought it was “awesome.”

“I love it,” one woman said.

Check out the KTVT report here.


H/T: The Blaze


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