Too low even for libs: Cartoon links Trayvon Martin, Obama impeachment

Hard line conservatives were the first to mention the “I” word  — impeachment — in response to President Obama‘s ongoing pattern of circumventing Congress to enact desired policy, but it has been Democrats who seemed to be obsessed with the idea.

In fact, the prospect of impeaching Obama has been a windfall for Democrats, with 21 fundraising emails being sent to supporters during the last week of July alone, according to The Atlantic.

And Obama’s allies in the media have been just as quick to make political hay out of impeachment — the blog reported the pro-Obama network MSNBC mentioned the term “impeachment” at least 448 times in July, compared to just 95 times on Fox News during the same period.

But an editorial cartoonist with the Chattanooga Times Free Press took divisive, vitriolic politics to a whole new level with this political cartoon:

As can be seen, Obama is depicted as a Trayvon Martin-like figure, while the act of impeachment is portrayed by a George Zimmerman-like character. The racial overtones are impossible to miss.

Finger-wagging Pelosi, in meltdown mode, ignores
protocol; chases down GOP Congressman on House floor

Users on the social media site Twitter found the carton to be “beyond the pale,” as documented by Twitchy:

But did the Times Free Press come to agree with the critics? According to a number of users, the cartoon is now “mysteriously missing”

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