‘Shock the conscience’: Unsanitary abortion clinic slapped with $25,000 in health department fines

The Ohio Health Department has slapped a $25,000 fine on a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic near Cleveland after an inspection showed numerous violations, including not checking the histories of abortionists working at the clinic, not sanitizing equipment and not disposing of urine samples.

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According to the report, the violations were recorded during a March 2014 inspection of the Bedford Heights Planned Parenthood clinic, which performed nearly 3,000 “surgical procedures” in the previous year.

“We’re deeply concerned, though admittedly unsurprised, that multiple abortion facilities are jeopardizing the lives and health of women,” Mike Gonidakis, president of Ohio Right to Life, said in a press release posted on their website.

The agency listed numerous violations, including:

  • No tuberculosis control plan.
  • No staff performance reviews.
  • A cupboard with six blood-collection tubes that expired in February.
  • A drawer with a vaginal swab that expired in November 2013.
  • An examination room cupboard that contained “a plastic specimen container with approximately 40 milliliters of an unidentified pale yellow liquid.”
  • A drawer in the same room with “an unwrapped and extended condom … used for ultrasound probe covers.”
  • A utility room with a refrigerator freezer used for the “storage of human tissue removed during surgical procedures” and no thermometer or documentation on how it was monitored for malfunctions or temperature variations.
  • No effort by the management to review the credentials or backgrounds of physicians.
  • “A review of the credentialing records [for physicians] who performed abortions in the facility during 2013 revealed no documentation related to competence”
  • Medical records that were illegible or incomplete for some patients.

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Gonidakis called the results shocking.

“The real war on women is being waged everyday in these unsafe and unsanitary abortion mills,” he said in the press release. “These reports shock the conscience and reaffirm our resolve to protect life from Ohio’s abortion industry.”

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