Right outta ‘Rocky’: Heavyweight champs clash in high pasta drama

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High drama unfolded at a Miami eatery Friday when two prize fighters got into an altercation worthy of a scene from “Rocky.”

And perhaps it was just as staged.

Heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko was enjoying a bowl of pasta at Mama Mia’s, an Italian restaurant, when out of nowhere, former champ Shannon Briggs appeared, TMZ reported.

The encounter didn’t go well for Briggs, according to a bystander’s video of the ensuing chaos.

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“What’s up, Champ?” Briggs said, according to TMZ. “I told you, Champ, wherever you go, I go, Champ. What you do, I do, Champ. I train, Champ, you train, Champ. Let’s fight, Champ.”

A few days earlier, according to TMZ, Briggs had interrupted Klitschko’s training session. This time, he was going to get a reaction.

The ex-champ sat down across from Klitschko, grabbed his food and started eating it.

“What you eat, I eat,” Briggs said. “I told you, everything you do, I do. Thanks, Champ.”

Until that moment, Klitschko had been quietly ignoring the pesky Briggs, according to the video. But as he began to pour himself some water from a bottle, Klitschko suddenly raised the bottle over Briggs’ head and emptied the contents.

“You pour water on my head?” Briggs shouted, knocking everything off the table. “You pour water on my head?”

Before the confrontation could devolve into fisticuffs, an unidentified man grabbed Briggs and shoved him out the door as stunned diners looked on.

It appeared to be an exciting, impromptu incident, but even TMZ noted that the encounter seemed to have a “Clubber Lang-Rocky Balboa” feel to it.

Check out the video and see what you make of it.

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