Pistol-packing owner gets ride of a lifetime when camper is stolen — with him inside!

Photo Credit KHOU-TV

A Texas man got the ride of a lifetime when thieves stole his camper while he was sleeping inside.

Unfortunately for the bandits, 75-year-old James Brown was armed.

Brown was awakened by noises outside his camper Wednesday, and looked out to see a man and woman hooking it up to a pickup, according to KHOU-TV in Houston. He had been sleeping in the camper to protect his business.

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“They were getting it prepared to hook up to take off,” he told KHOU.

After calling 911 from his cell phone, Brown opened the side door as the truck pulled away with the trailer in tow.

“I’m sure they got surprised too, not knowing I was inside,” Brown said. “When they started to pull off, this door is quite wide. I stuck around this way and tried to shoot it, at the truck, but the door was too wide.”

With the truck now barrelling down the highway, he squeezed off six rounds, but did not hit the occupants.

In short order, the police caught up to the fleeing crooks and the man pulled over, but took off on foot leaving his girlfriend and his newly acquired camper behind.

Not to worry, though, he is sure to be captured because he also left his ID.

Now that’s having a bad day, no matter how you look at it.

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