Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move!’ blamed for bake sale blues

Michelle Obama’s trademark child-nutrition activism is taking a bite out of school fundraising efforts.

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Bake sales are in the crosshairs, according to an article published Friday in The Wall Street Journal.

Under the 2010 Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act championed by the first lady, widely unpopular nutrition standards imposed on meals also apply to food sold at fundraisers.

And that might leave a bad taste in many mouths.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has published helpful lists of foods that are acceptable under limited conditions, and those that are banned altogether.

Not surprisingly, given the Obama White House’s tone-deaf tendencies, the banned foods include the ones pretty much everyone likes, according to the CDC site, including:

  • Potato chips or pretzels with excess sugar or salt
  • Cheese crackers with excess fat or sodium.
  • Breakfast or granola bars with excess fat or sugar.
  • Ice cream products with excess fat or sugar.
  • Cake, cupcakes, or cookies with excess sugar or salt.
  • Fortified sports drinks or fortified water.
  • Gum, licorice or candy.
  • Fruit smoothies with added sugar.
  • Regular sodas with sugar or caffeine.

Remember those chocolate sandwich cookies?  Out.

Homemade brownies or pecan pies?  Out.

How about a nice fruit cup instead?

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So how do schools plan to comply with the law and still be able to raise money for field trips and school supplies?

Prepackaged foods seem to be the answer for many.

“We use prepackaged food because it has to have nutritional requirements posted,” Keli Gill, president-elect of the Arkansas PTA, told the Journal.

“Items like apples are perishable and don’t last as long, so we don’t want to waste money and have it go bad on us.”

Waste money? In the Obama administration?

Perish the thought.

Don Noel


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