$1.2 million later, serial suing illegal immigrant finally deported — for now, anyway

Alfredo Garcia
Photo Credit KABC

With the border crisis deteriorating more every day, an illegal immigrant’s recent deportation underscores how the U.S. government is failing to enforce immigration laws.

Alfredo Garcia, high on cocaine, fell out of an avocado tree 18 years ago, severing his spinal cord, according to KABC-Los Angeles.

Described by the local ABC affiliate as “a notorious serial plaintiff,” Garcia has made his living since that fateful day by suing businesses – 811 times — for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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The litigation has brought Garcia approximately $1.2 million in payouts from American business owners, KABC reported.

Despite the windfall, Garcia has been able to get out of paying required court filing fees by claiming poverty, leaving U.S. taxpayers to pick up the $213,502 tab.

But the road finally ran out for the “professional plaintiff” when he was arrested in 2011 for immigration violations. After three long years of delays and appeals, he was deported in June – but with unbelievable courtesies.

“In light of his medical condition, [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] spent months working with Mexican consular representatives in advance of Mr. Garcia’s removal to ensure he would receive continuing health care following his repatriation,” ICE spokeswoman Virginia Kice told KABC.

Garcia still has 80 lawsuits pending, many of which may be settled by business owners unaware he no longer lives in the United States. Considering the Mexican border’s leaky nature and the Obama administration’s wariness to plug it, it may not be all that long before Garcia is once again casting a shadow on American soil.

He’d be a fool not to try.

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