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Labrador walked 30 miles to be rejected by previous owner; gets way better reward!

Photo from Daily Mail UK
Photo from Daily Mail UK

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An aging black Labrador retriever became homeless for a third time after making a 30-mile journey on foot to return to its former family in Kansas. Little did she know, a fateful Facebook post would have her jet-setting to Florida, where she would live out her days in the lap of luxury, according to local TV station KCTV.

When Facebook user Cindy Barclay Powell wrote about the dog named “Lady,” the post went viral, being shared nearly 7,000 times after Examiner.com wrote about the story on Wednesday, KCTV reported.

“The senior lab walked nearly 30 miles to come home,” Powell wrote. “Is there anyone out there who can give this girl a home? She may not have many years left. She is spayed, house broken, leash trained, mellow, having problems walking (so her travels back to Sedan amazed me).”

The news reached Helen Rosburg, a dog lover, heiress to the Wrigley gum fortune and the owner of an animal shelter, KCTV reported. Rosburg sent her assistant via private plane to retrieve Lady from Kansas.

Rosburg has used a portion of her inheritance for the good of animals, building a 120-acre farm in Odessa, Fla., that houses 300 animals, including rabbits, pigs and goats — and now Lady.

Lady and the other once-neglected animals are cared for by a staff of 15. Rosburg eventually adopts out some of the animals or trains them to be service pets, KCTV reported.

Watch Lady’s rags to riches story here:

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