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Dana Loesch spoofs mock interview with Jesse Ventura

Photo: TheBlaze TV

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The Blaze TV host Dana Loesch scored an improbable interview with “scoundrel of the week” Jesse Ventura.

Well, sort of – in the same way Clint Eastwood had that famous “chair conversation” with President Obama.

Earlier in the week, Ventura won a defamation lawsuit against “American Sniper” author Chris Kyle’s estate, now in the care of his widow, Taya Kyle, who is raising their two young children alone.

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The former governor of Minnesota disputed a bar fight depicted in Kyle’s book, saying the incident never happened, and a jury awarded him more than $1.8 million in damages. But Ventura’s public image has taken a serious blow.

Loesch didn’t really get Ventura on her show, but she did get a close facsimile — a Summer’s Eve Douche box with Ventura’s trademark ring of hair, topped with a tin-foil hat.

Loesch sarcastically named the faux Ventura “Jesse ‘The Boxy’ Ventura,” a play on “The Body,” the nickname he earned during his professional wresting days. The box was set against a backdrop of flying saucers, helicopters and an image of the Illuminati, a mystic organization some say controls world events. It was all carefully designed to highlight Ventura’s real-life conspiracy theories.

During a mock interview of The Boxy with Loesch and guest Jim Hoft, this exchange unfolded, according to The Blaze:

“Some people have said that … continuing this after the death of Chris Kyle, that this was in poor taste,” Loesch asked “Ventura.” “What say you on that?”

“Please call me the governing body,” the puppet responded in a fair imitation of Ventura’s voice. “They also probably thought that bin Laden was a real person, and not an actor hired by an evil scientist to portray a terrorist. It’s false flag.”

“That’s the plot of Iron Man…” Loesch pointed out.

“WellI should’ve played that role,” the puppet said, before turning to address Jim Hoft.

“I did want to say this,” “Ventura” remarked. “I heard about your health emergency and that you almost died, and I’m kind of glad that you didn’t die because you’re unmarried. Alright? So get married and then die so I can sue your widow.”

Loesch, for good reason, decided to stop the interview there, but the point was made: Only a douche would take money from two small children who will grow up without a father — one who served his country and died while helping others who served alongside him.

Tom Tillison


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