Megyn Kelly wins over late night libs with talk about beating O’Reilly, pounding Cheney

kelly-meyersFox News ratings queen Megyn Kelly was a guest Thursday on “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” and she was an instant hit with the late night crowd after pitting herself against Dick Cheney and Bill O’Reilly.

Back in June, Kelly interviewed the former vice president with his daughter, Liz Cheney, catching a lot of people by surprise with a tough line of questioning.

“Was that terrifying, to call out Dick Cheney?” asked Meyers.

“Not at all, no,” Kelly replied. “That is what I do for a living.”

The response was well received by Meyer’s liberal audience.

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Kelly noted that after her interview with the Cheneys, the vice president’s wife, Lynn Cheney, defended her by saying the Fox News host did “what journalists are expected to do.’

“I really appreciated her saying that, because as I’ve said on my show, I’m not an enemy of Dick Cheney, and I’m not a friend of Dick Cheney,” Kelly said. “I’m a journalist who has to ask tough questions, and he came in and answered them.”

Meyer described host Bill O’Reilly as a “very conservative” guy in noting that Kelly’s show is sandwiched between him and Sean Hannity, prompting her to say “O’Reilly hates that label, I think he is more of a populist.”

“My dream is someday I will be number one and not him, and he will write a book called “Killing Megyn!” Kelly joked.

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