Joe Biden skinny-dipping upsets female Secret Service agents

A new book casts Vice President Joe Biden as a chronic skinny-dipper whose propensity for nudity regularly offended his female Secret Service bodyguards.

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“Agents say that, whether at the vice president’s residence or at his home in Delaware, Biden has a habit of swimming in his pool nude,” best-selling author Robert Kessler wrote in “The First Family Detail,” according to MailOnline.  “Female Secret Service agents find that offensive.”

That makes Biden the second-worst assignment for bodyguards, according to the book. The first? Hillary Clinton, MailOnline said of “The First Family Detail,” though the British online newspaper didn’t reveal why Kessler ranked the former first lady at the bottom.

The Biden and Clinton camps dismissed the book as a bunch of lies.

Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill said Kessler is among a trio of authors comprising “a hat trick of despicable actors concocting trashy nonsense” in writing recent Clinton exposés, MailOnline said.

But Kessler appeared to be just as scathing in describing Biden’s behavior, writing that Secret Service agents took issue with the vice president’s insistence that his motorcade drop him off some distance away from his Delaware home to avoid bothering his neighbors.

That distance put him in potential danger.

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“What’s going to happen is either you’re going to have a dead vice president in Delaware or you’re going to have agents killed in Delaware because Secret Service management refused to stand up to [Vice-President Biden],” an unnamed agent told Kessler.

The book is scheduled to be released on Aug. 5 on Amazon.

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