‘Border Brotherhood’: Texas law officials volunteer own time to help with border

Stealing a page from an old Lone Ranger script, Texas law enforcement officials have volunteered their time, energy and money to form the Border Brotherhood, capturing human trafficking smugglers and saving their hapless victims along the porous Mexican border.

In counties too poor to afford more than a few deputies and too spacious to provide effective border control, these volunteer heroes come from neighboring regions to help snag coyotes and help prevent needless deaths in the prairies, CBS Houston reported.

Led by Chief Daniel Walden, a school district policeman from Donna, Texas, a dozen officers have banded together to reinforce deputies in Brooks County and cover 900 square miles, where 40 corpses already have been found this year.

“You take a county the size of Rhode Island and you put one deputy out there by himself, what are you going to do? explained Walden. “We are a brotherhood in law enforcement, which means when an officer needs help, we’ll help them.”

Engaging in both high speed car chases and foot races in the brush, these volunteer Lone Rangers arrest the coyotes and rescue the illegal immigrants, who have been falsely told it’s a two-hour walk to San Antonio or Houston, when it’s a two and a half hour drive by car.

“We’re law enforcement, we’re not immigration,” Walden told San Antonio’s KENS TV. “But we’re human beings and we care about someone’s life…Every person we’re able to recover is somebody who is not going to die in the brush.”

“They’re coming at their own dime, looking for nothing in return,” said Chief Deputy for Brooks County Bennie Martinez. “Those are hard to come by. People just don’t do things like that anymore.”

Unless, of course, they grew up under the tutelage of those “champions of justice in the early West.”

Watch the video here via KENS5.

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