Student tries to sell Obama’s letter to pay for college; he better hurry

A formerly homeless student who wrote to President Obama to share his story and seek sound advice, received a handwritten response from the president and is now […]

dog faints
Viral: Dog passes out with joy after being reunited with owner

The gray and white schnauzer who hadn’t seen his owner for two years passed out from excitement when the two were reunited, according to Fox News. The […]

Massachusetts mayor bullied by emboldened illegals in heated battle

Summer temperatures reached the boiling point in a hallway in Lynn, Massachusetts Friday, when a group of enraged pro-illegal aliens activists accosted the mayor as she emerged […]

‘Lovenuggets’: Wait ’til Michelle O hears about this taxpayer-funded website!

The title says it all. The British government – the folks who pioneered the idea of government-run health care in the 1940s that the Obamacare fanatics have […]

What fans can expect from Sarah Palin’s new interactive channel

Former Alaska Governor and Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin announced on her Facebook page late Sunday that she was initiating an interactive Sarah Palin online network […]

Mr. Pres 1
Obama’s offensive ‘rise or fall together’ reeks of socialism, angers Americans

President Obama’s attempt at rallying America in his weekly address on Saturday was nothing short of chilling – especially coming from him. “Let’s embrace an economic patriotism that […]

Liberals’ suffocating tax policies sending U.S. companies overseas

A ruckus is raging these days in Washington, D.C., over “tax inversion,” a strategy to avoid taxes by relocating a company’s headquarters from the United States to […]

Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin challenges Washington Post ‘wusses’: Investigate Obama like you did Nixon

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin issued a challenge Sunday to the Washington Post on her Facebook page. “To reclaim your credibility (and the mainstream media’s, at large), […]

PC rules keep National Guard from attending church’s gratitude event: ‘I’m ashamed right now’

A Baptist Church in the heart of the Midwest had a modest plan to thank its local National Guard troops for their service, but it turned out […]

John Kerry gets Arabs and Jews to agree — on despising John Kerry

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry must feel he is being “swiftboated” again, as politicians and critics in the Middle East  rail against his non-stop missteps in trying […]

Mayura Dissanyake
Must watch video: MMA fighter saves co-worker from thug beating

Two would-be robbers spent enough time casing a Houston business to know an employee was on his way back from the bank, but missed one crucial detail […]

Brew Buckit
For adults only: Entrepreneurs invent claw game that pays off in beer

Two guys searching for a big idea have finally hit on something – thanks to one of the guy’s wives. JR Bryant and Ryan Schwarz, dubbed as […]

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