Mika Oy veh
Oy vey! MSNBC’s Mika says ‘Keep it right here on Morning Jew’

MSNBC bosses had a collective spike in blood pressure Wednesday morning. Following an interview with Israel’s Ambassador to the United States on Morning Joe, co-host Mika Brzezinski […]

Viral video: Crazy, one-armed Polish guy attacks bikers
Viral video: Crazy, one-armed Polish guy attacks bikers

No matter where in this world you go, you find crazy people. At least the guy’s wife tried to stop him. Poor woman must have the patience […]

Homeowner in trouble for cops’ mistake sues; he thought they were intruders

A case of mistaken address by police and conflicting versions of what happened afterwards turned an innocent Portsmouth, Virginia man’s life upside down. The incident occurred one […]

Florida officials warn of deadly flesh-eating bacteria in ocean waters

Sunshine State health officials issued words of wisdom on Monday to ocean-goers who have weak immune systems or open sores: Swim at your own risk. Florida’s ocean […]

bush panel
Guess what four-letter word made Fox’s focus group lose it

After six years of being out of the limelight, the mere mention of his name in political discussions still elicits an explosive reaction. Ultimately, that may be […]

Amazing 41-shot table tennis rally
Amazing 41-shot table tennis rally

This is like a scene out of the movie, “Forest Gump.” I thought for sure the guy in the green shirt was going to lose the point.

sadie 2.1
Most adorable meltdown ever! Sadie doesn’t want her baby brother to grow up

The love this little five-year-old girl has for her brother is just precious, but it is causing her such stress! She doesn’t want him to grow up […]

‘Return of freedom to this country’ will come in 2016, Cruz predicts

Blending a muscular foreign policy with a combative domestic agenda, Sen. Ted Cruz on Tuesday told young conservatives the end of the Obama era will mean a […]

Explosive call ‘transcript’ shows arrogant Obama bullying Israel; White House calls it a lie

The reported transcript of a conversation between an arrogant, imperious President Obama and a defiant, angry prime minister of Israel has both sides claiming it’s fabricated, but […]

jesse ventura
Jesse Ventura wins $1.8 million in suit from late SEAL Chris Kyle’s widow – he’s ‘overjoyed’

To the surprise of many decent, fair minded Americans, former professional wrestler and politician Jesse Ventura won his defamation lawsuit against the estate of “American Sniper” author Chris […]

‘Outnumbered’ by four women, Geraldo says the wrong thing about illegals!

Ainsley Earhardt said a “bad” word multiple times in front of Geraldo Rivera Monday until he just couldn’t take it anymore. Fox News’ “Outnumbered” began with Rivera […]

Florida Five: Gov. Rick Scott agrees to 3 debates, Back to school sales tax holiday info

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: Gov. Rick Scott agrees to 3 debates, but not Times’: Gov. Rick Scott’s campaign announced today that he agreed […]