Watch what these elephants do when bomb siren goes off in Israel

elephantsElephants are widely seen as being among the most intelligent animals on earth, and a family of pachyderms caught amid the chaos of the ongoing battle between Israel and Hamas terrorists showed that reputation is well deserved.

With rockets raining down on Israel, bomb sirens are a normal part of the day, but an incredible thing was captured on video Wednesday when a family of endangered elephants at Tel Aviv’s zoo react to a siren going off near them, the New York Daily News reported.

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Being out in the open and having nowhere to go for safety, several adult elephants huddle around two juveniles to shield them from danger. After a number of explosions in the distance, cries of distress are heard from the animals, who clearly understand that danger is near.

The scene is heart-wrenching, and shows just how far reaching terrorism actually is.

Tom Tillison


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