MSNBC’s Ed Schultz takes Obama’s loins to heart in passionate campaign rant

MSNBC’s loudest white, male ranter Ed Schultz outdid himself Wednesday with an impassioned plea to President Obama to give it everything he’s got – literally – to help Democrats win in the midterm elections.

“Mr. President, go on the road,” Schultz begged on “The Ed Show.” “Bring it from your loins, the way you did to get re-elected, the way it was described by Axelrod.”

Well now.

Hosts at a cable network already known for its infatuation with all things Obama, a network that employs Chris Matthews – a man whose most memorable statement in a 40-year public career involved getting “tingles up my leg” from then-candidate Barack Obama — really ought to be more careful with the homoerotic imagery.

Not that there’s anything wrong with it, understand, but even liberal prime time audiences could do without the mental image of corpulent Ed Schultz indulging in loincloth fantasies about the country’s first black president.

And even though Schultz tried to pawn off the phrase on Obama strategist David Axelrod’s description of the president’s determination in the final days of his re-election campaign. The reality is that even though Axelrod did use the words, it was quickly forgotten in the heat of the election.

A Google search of “David Axelrod” and “loins” shows plenty of references to the Axelrod quote, but they’re pretty much all from the first week of November when he actually said it, and virtually none afterward. In other words, the only person ruminating about Obama’s loins lo these nine months later has been Ed Schultz.  (He might have a better chance of blaming it on Roger Mapplethorpe.)

The unwelcome  glimpse into the fever swamp of Ed Schultz’s mind brought out some of the best in Twitter, of course.

But this one about sums it up.


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