Arrogant Obama mocks GOP criticism of executive orders: ‘Stop just hatin’ all the time’

With midterm elections just months away, President Obama’s latest speech was filled with jabs at Republicans.

The main topic of Obama’s Wednesday speech in Kansas City was supposed to be jobs and the minimum wage, but he couldn’t help but blame Congress that nothing had been accomplished, according to Breitbart News.

“C’mon and help out a bit,” he said. “Stop bein’ mad all the time. Stop just hatin’ all the time. C’mon, let’s get some work done together.”

Obama claimed that the House was going to sue him for taking executive actions, “to help people.”

“So, they’re mad ‘cause I’m doing my job,” he said. “And by the way, I’ve told them, ‘I’d be happy to do it with you. The only reason I’m doing it on my own is because you’re not doing anything.’”

The president suggested that the lawsuit is simply a political stunt taking attention away from more important matters.

Watch Obama’s remarks here via Breitbart News:

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