Harlem Shake Wedding
Viral ‘Harlem Shake’ wedding video will make you wish you’d thought of it

This very unusual wedding video was originally posted online in February, but on a #ThrowBackThursday, it seems appropriate to give the viral video another shot. Admit it, once […]

Watch what these elephants do when bomb siren goes off in Israel

Elephants are widely seen as being among the most intelligent animals on earth, and a family of pachyderms caught amid the chaos of the ongoing battle between […]

Coal country rep. to Obama: ‘Get off of the back nine and come into the mines’

A congressman who represents coal country has thrown down the gauntlet to President Obama and dared him to pick it up. As the Environmental Protection Agency intensifies […]

Female GOP candidate walks out on libs’ set-up ‘gotcha’ interview

Louisiana Republican State Rep. Lenar Whitney left in a huff halfway through an interview with Cook Political Report, as her aides discerned it was a set-up to […]

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz takes Obama’s loins to heart in passionate campaign rant

MSNBC’s loudest white, male ranter Ed Schultz outdid himself Wednesday with an impassioned plea to President Obama to give it everything he’s got – literally – to […]

Alan Grayson: Close borders to people from countries with Ebola outbreak

Somehow interpreting Africa’s Ebola outbreak a danger to Americans, U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson is seeking to ban U.S. entry to travelers from hard-hit countries. The Florida Democrat […]

stripper picking up bills, photo
Bungling feds blow thousands on strippers, boxing tickets in botched Border Patrol sting

The Justice Department’s corruption case against a 10-year Border Patrol veteran fell apart this week after his attorney accused the feds of entrapment – despite thousands of […]

Homeland Security agents seize couple’s Land Rover in ‘SWAT-style’ raid

Illegal immigrants may flow into the U.S. unfettered, but don’t even think about trying to bring in a vehicle that does not meet the Environmental Protection Agency‘s […]

Anti-terror author: Hamas ‘use their own children as disposable collateral’

Democrats, American libs and the talking heads who are making a good living spouting off about Palestinian civilian casualties in Israel’s war in Gaza should try living […]

Sheila Jackson Lee caught in blatant lie about Dems’ attempt to impeach Bush

Trying to derail the House vote on a lawsuit against a lawless president, Texas Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee tried to deny the past. On the House floor […]

Forget ‘USA, USA,’ Pro-Obama crowd protects president from heckler with narcissistic chant

President Obama has seen his share of hecklers during his six years in office, and he can add another incident to that list after being interrupted Wednesday by […]

Powerful senator bucks Obama: Give Ukraine weapons

In what may seem to many an unprecedented if not revolutionary step, a senior Democrat actually had the cojones to differ with his imperial president. U.S. Sen. […]