‘Return of freedom to this country’ will come in 2016, Cruz predicts

Blending a muscular foreign policy with a combative domestic agenda, Sen. Ted Cruz on Tuesday told young conservatives the end of the Obama era will mean a “return of freedom to this country.”

tedcruz0730Speaking to the Young America’s Foundation in Washington, the Texas Republican reiterated his opposition to Obamacare, the Democrats’ disastrous health care reform law, and tried to channel President Ronald Reagan in urging a tougher American response to Russian machinations in Eastern Europe.

“Mr. Putin, give back Crimea,” Cruz said, echoing Reagan’s famous “tear down this wall” to the Soviets in Berlin in 1987, according to Business Insider. “Why is it so unimaginable for President Obama to utter those words?”

On Obamacare, Cruz made it clear that November’s elections – particularly Republican efforts to take control of the Senate – should be aimed at one goal.

“I think those elections should be about many, many things,” Cruz said. “But they should be about repealing every bloody word of Obamacare.”

It’s tough to overstate how much Cruz has invested in the fight against Obamacare. During the government shutdown in October, he became one of the most prominent public faces defending the shutdown to kill Obamacare. When the shutdown ended and the Obamacare rollout became a national embarrassment of ineptitude, Cruz was partially vindicated – but never got proper credit for it.

As a potential presidential candidate in 2016 and a prominent voice for Republicans regardless of whether he runs, Cruz commands attention whenever he speaks publicly. In Washington, D.C., with an audience of young conservatives, he commanded attention with one message Tuesday:

America’s miserably failed experiment with a man named Barack Obama – the first utterly disastrous president in American history — will be over in two years.

“Let me tell you something,” Cruz said, according to the Daily Caller. “2016 is going to be the second wave of the return of freedom to this country.”

Check out Cruz’s pitch on Obamacare’s repeal here.

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