‘Outnumbered’ by four women, Geraldo says the wrong thing about illegals!

Ainsley Earhardt said a “bad” word multiple times in front of Geraldo Rivera Monday until he just couldn’t take it anymore.

Fox News’ “Outnumbered” began with Rivera being “outnumbered” by four women and a rational discussion about illegal immigration.

“But I think that so many people in America did it the right way,” Earhardt said. “They came across the border the right way. They need – these illegals need to do it the right way. Because my mother is a school teacher and she’s preached to stand on your own two feet. Autonomy is so important. And we need to teach these illegals that when they come to our country, do it the right way.”

Whoops! Did you catch the bad word?

“Every time you say ‘illegals,’ it’s like fingernails on a black board! Geraldo complained.

Watch the video from MRC to see how well that went over:

Michele Kirk


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