Man’s claim of accidental amputated penis is totally false, says attorney

Botched2Attorneys for two Alabama physicians have filed motions to dismiss a lawsuit accusing them of malpractice for amputating a Birmingham man’s penis in a botched circumcision, according to the Alabama media website,

“On behalf of the two physicians named in the lawsuit, the allegations in the complaint are completely untrue,” Mike Florie, an attorney representing the doctors, said in a statement published on “They have no basis in fact.”

Florie has filed sanctions against the 59-year-old patient’s attorney, John Graves, and his law firm, saying the lawyer must have known or was in a position to know his client’s claim was false, according to

“These actions by the patient’s attorneys are reprehensible and have harmed two outstanding and dedicated doctors, and their professional groups,” Florie said in the motion for dismissal.

Graves submitted a request for his client’s medical records just four business days before filing the lawsuit and could not have gotten them in time, proving he had not adequately reviewed the documents, Florie’s motion said.

“I believe my client,” Graves said in a response email sent to

Amanda Shea


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