Guess what four-letter word made Fox’s focus group lose it

bush panelAfter six years of being out of the limelight, the mere mention of his name in political discussions still elicits an explosive reaction.

Ultimately, that may be the legacy of George W. Bush.

It was certainly the catalyst that caused a panel put together by pollster Frank Luntz to erupt Friday on Fox News’ “Hannity,” during a focus on President Obama‘s leadership skills.

The break down of the panel leaned in favor of people who voted for Obama, including one kool-aid drinker who thinks the president is doing “an excellent job” amid all the controversy that now defines his administration.

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But when an older man hit Obama with some stinging criticism, things really took off.

“In my lifetime, this is the worst president,” he said emphatically. “He has no leadership, he’s reactive, he’s not proactive. He’s detached from every issue.”

Let’s bring back George Bush,” an Obama supporter said sarcastically.

“So it’s George Bush’s fault?” the man countered.

George Bush lied about the Iraq War!” yelled the kool-aid drinker.

A heated exchange erupted over the idea that Obama is still cleaning up his predecessor’s mess.

“He [Obama] cannot clean this in ten years, twelve years, fourteen years,” a woman said. “This takes time, he’s just prepping the next president.”

Another Obama supporter, apparently unaware that the Democrats controlled both the House and Senate when Obama was elected, claimed Congress said “we’re done” on the president’s first day in office.

The delusion on display was disheartening, but there can be no denying that a simple four letter word — Bush — continues to evoke deep emotions from all sides.

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Tom Tillison


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