Boot-licking media swoon as Obama admits some think he’s a terrible president

Taking yet another break from doing his job for one of those photo ops he hates so much, President Obama took some time Tuesday to share barbecue with fans in Missouri — and admit that some people think he’s a terrible president.

Hard as that is to believe.

Obama was in the Show Me state on a campaign swing and spending the night in Kansas City, where his new spokesman, Josh Earnest, grew up, according to ABC News. Four Kansas City residents who’ve written to Obama in the White House were invited to share a barbecue dinner with the president.

The Associated Press was on hand to post the kind of propagandizing the once-proud news organization has descended to in recent years: journalism for 5-year-olds.

How sweet.

Not to be out boot-licked,  the Washington Post blasted its own simpering coverage, this one of a one-woman argument to repeal the 18th Amendment.

Fortunately, the advent of social media means the meanstream media no longer has the last word. Some Twitter reactions to the asinine coverage were choice indeed.

But for sheer humor, this one takes the cake.

He’s probably one of those people who think Obama’s a terrible president.

Just a guess.


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