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Jesse Jackson shakes down Silicon Valley to hire minorities: ‘Too many Asians and Jews’

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Civil rights scammer Jesse Jackson is taking his shakedown shtick to Silicon Valley.

And he’s going to use Uncle Sam for muscle.

Photo: Solargeneral.org

Emboldened by the shocking, shocking! news that  the hi-tech giants of the Information Age are overwhelmingly men who are white or Asian, Jackson told the USA Today editorial board Monday “the government has a role to play” in forcing the companies into line with what Jackson think they should look like.

In the Age of Obama, that means the strong-arm of the law, in the form of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Jackson has been on this kick since the spring, when a series of technology companies released the racial and gender breakdown of their employees.

Being the biggest kid on the block, Google got the most attention when it released its numbers in May that showed its employees were predominantly white men and its leadership roles were filled almost completely by white and Asian men.

Sane people shrugged. The NBA is overwhelmingly black, a lot of lawyers are Jews and elementary-school teachers are almost entirely women. So what?

Liberals and the media greeted the news with hand-wringing headlines like this one from PBS: “Google finally discloses its diversity record, and it’s not good.” (“Not good”? Says who?)

But Americans who’ve seen enough of Jackson are seeing through his gripes against Silcon Valley, too. Here’s a sample of Twitter responses to the reverend’s latest jeremiad.

Or how about this, from a black conservative and member of the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board. In other words, someone who should know:


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