Conservative actor James Woods helps locate the president’s missing balls

Actor James Woods has nailed the question most of the world’s been asking about President Obama’s foreign policy – and Obama helped him do it.

The pretentiously labeled “POTUSgolf ball that turned up in the woods near the first hole at the Congressional Club on Sunday showed President Obama’s golf hooks as left as his politics – but also made for plenty of golf-related commentary. And that included Woods and this classic:

Woods’ followers roared, and piled on.

Some of it was funny.

A lot of it was angry.

But all of it was telling.

Think about it. Not even George W. Bush’s worst enemies questioned his manhood quite like that. No one said that about his father, either. And God knows we know Clinton didn’t have that particular problem. We know more about him than anybody but his wife. (Or Monica, or Jennifer and who knows who else.)

Nope. You’d have to go all the way back to Jimmy Carter to find a president who’s mocked quite like this — one faced with a bellicose Russia, a belligerent Iran and an economy in the toilet, not to mention the kind of leftist ineptitude only a true-believing liberal can bring down.

You said it, Joyce.

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