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Student tries to sell Obama’s letter to pay for college; he better hurry

Photo Credit: Moments In Time

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A formerly homeless student who wrote to President Obama to share his story and seek sound advice, received a handwritten response from the president and is now selling the note to pay for his college tuition, according to FoxNews

Jesse Grainger wrote to Obama three years ago in hopes of receiving some valuable advice for life. The president’s written wisdom must only be worth what Grainger can get from it to pay for the education his struggling mother always wanted for him.

“As a child I had big dreams of going to college and doing great things,” Grainger wrote in his letter. “I came from a small town where most people were poor, especially my mother and me. My mom adopted me when I was one day old. She raised me to believe that education was the most important thing that I could ever get. My adopted mom died when I was 13,” he wrote.

Grainger’s heartfelt letter was met with a seemingly stoic response from the president, saying “the best advice I can give you right now is finish your education.” Obama also suggested that Grainger seek assistance with an organization that advocates assistance for the homeless in order to get “the best foundation for achieving your dreams.”

How helpful!

The president concluded his obligatory response by simply saying “stay determined!”  Grainger is taking him up on that advice by posting the letter for sale on the Moments in Time website, where he’s ‘determined’ to collect approximately $9,000 to cover his education expenses at Winthrop University in South Carolina. Grainger plans to pursue a degree in social work at the University.

He better hurry up. The value is likely to go down by the day the way Obama is behaving.


Amanda Shea


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