Simon Cowell donates to Israel Defense Force, Twitter expodes

American Idol’s” most famous judge is finding himself on the docket these days, as news of his financial support for Israel spreads around the Internet.

Photo: Mirror

Simon Cowell, the acid-tongued critic who became reality-show royalty over eight seasons with “American Idol,” donated $150,000 to the Friends of Israel Defense Forces during a Los Angeles Fundraiser, according to YNET News.

While the donation is months old, word of it got picked up by Palestinian activists when they saw a mention of it on the Facebook page of “The X-Factor,” another reality show created by Cowell.

Since “Palestinian activists” tend to be savages — even the ones who take baths regularly — the criticisms were less than thoughtful, with words like “Jew” (Cowell’s father was a Jewish refugee from Poland, though Cowell himself is Christian) and “baby killer” tossed around.

Warning: Some strong language ahead.

(Just take a second and think about the thought process that must go on in the person’s head who is capable of criticizing someone for being “rude” at the same time as calling him a “Jew rat.” Interesting, really.)

And then there’s this charmer….

(British, no doubt. Americans generally don’t use words like “odious.”)

Fortunately for Cowell — as well as civilized human beings in general — he had a lot of support.

Thank you, indeed, Mr. Cowell.

Now, if we could do something about this One Direction business …



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