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Sarah Palin challenges Washington Post ‘wusses’: Investigate Obama like you did Nixon

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Photo credit: Sarah Palin Facebook page

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Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin issued a challenge Sunday to the Washington Post on her Facebook page.

“To reclaim your credibility (and the mainstream media’s, at large), I challenge you to engage in the same aggressive investigative journalism you courageously employed 42 years ago covering President Nixon,” Palin wrote.

The public knows about President Obama’s incompetence, Palin said, but it would be “well-served” if the media would use its resources to uncover the truth regarding “Team Obama.”

Palin reminded readers how the Post was revered after uncovering the Watergate scandal of the Nixon administration, saying:

One example: your reporters kept tracking an obscure break-in story and that led to revealing a grave problem in the White House. The Washington Post’s reputation soared as the model of good journalism. Today, you’ve fallen like a lead balloon. Whereas you once doggedly covered the 18.5 minute gap in Nixon’s White House communications, you’ve virtually ignored the Obama Administration’s 1.2 million minutes of deleted communications by just one of the agencies under Obama’s executive branch. I’m speaking of the Lois Lerner IRS harassment-of-conservatives scandal wherein Lerner “lost” pertinent email communications. You’ve allowed Obama to skate with his proclamation that absolutely no wrongdoing occurred at the IRS, “not even a smidgen.”

If the Post doesn’t step up and “lift a finger” against Obama’s “impeachable offenses,” Palin said the newspaper will have lost its integrity.

“Those running the Washington Post’s show now, compared to those during the Nixon era, are too afraid of being uninvited to the permanent political class’ cocktail parties and petty gossip fests, making you all a bunch of wusses,” she wrote. “I challenge you to get to work.”

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Photo credit: Sarah Palin Facebook page

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