‘Lovenuggets’: Wait ’til Michelle O hears about this taxpayer-funded website!

The title says it all.

Photo: Sheknows.com

The British government – the folks who pioneered the idea of government-run health care in the 1940s that the Obamacare fanatics have spent the past four years trying to push on Americans – is out with a new project aimed at improving individual relationships, with taxpayers footing the bill.

According to the Mirror, the government-backed website is called “Lovenuggets” (a possibly ill-chosen term, since it’s also British slang for testicles) and contains the kinds of helpful hints governments think the pitiful masses would never think of by themselves, like agreeing to see a movie the partner might like even if you know you’ll hate it, or doing small kindnesses like making each other a cup of tea (these are British bureaucrats).

Adam was working on this kind of thing 10 minutes after he traded in that rib for a lifetime of being told to put the toilet seat down, of course, but he was doing it without government guidance, a government subsidy, or an American first lady telling him how much is too much when it comes to salt in his potato chips. (Bet she’s hell on toilet seats, too.)

Americans who think this kind of thing couldn’t happen in the U.S. haven’t heard the government’s radio ads lately on five ways to save money on gas (best tip: check websites to see where the gas is cheapest in your area – also known as “shopping around.”)

The U.S. government already has a “Healthy Marriage Initiative” that started under the Bush administration and wasn’t such a hot idea to conservatives (like Medicare Part D, or Lady Gaga), but this is a nightmare vision of even that. This goes from from the nanny state of national health care to the mother-in-law state of individual relationship mandates.

So if the British government is any guide (besides national health care, they beat us to other joys of liberalism, like stultifiying poliitical correctness), the first lady’s next campaign might go from “let’s move” to “let’s move in together” — and the government will instruct us how.

Starting with those toilet seats.


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