Meteorologist Julya Johnson
Meteorologist has great response when asked not to wear dresses that hug her breasts

A viewer letter criticizing a Tennessee meteorologist has gone viral after she hit back with a public response on social media. Julya Johnson, of Knoxville’s ABC affiliate […]

Simon Cowell donates to Israel Defense Force, Twitter expodes

“American Idol’s” most famous judge is finding himself on the docket these days, as news of his financial support for Israel spreads around the Internet. Simon Cowell, […]

Hillary shocks CNN: Says George W. Bush made her proud to be an American, takes a swipe at Obama

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton strayed from the typical playbook Sunday, when she praised former President George W. Bush and took pot shots at her former […]

Miami protesters shout ‘We are Hamas,’ threaten Jewish cameraman: ‘I’m going to kill you, mother . . . ‘

A Miami rally for the Hamas terrorist group quickly devolved into a shoving match and threats against a cameraman, according to a video posted Sunday on the […]

CBS show gets hammered: ‘Oh, a Hillary for prez TV series? How, um, illegal?’

A new CBS series this fall is already getting a ton of negative reviews. And it’s got nothing to do with its storyline. “Madam Secretary,” starring show […]

This video will make you dizzy, but it is cool
This video will make you dizzy, but it is cool

This is what happens when you duct-tape a GoPro to your car tire. Totally hypnotic, though.

Precocious duckling finds his way back to Momma
Precocious duckling finds his way back to Momma

What a smart little duck this guy is. I know people who wouldn’t have found their way back.

HOA tells veteran he can’t build furniture to donate to military families

A Vietnam War veteran is being forced to shut down his California furniture shop benefiting needy military families, according to local TV station CBS13. Working from his […]

Student tries to sell Obama’s letter to pay for college; he better hurry

A formerly homeless student who wrote to President Obama to share his story and seek sound advice, received a handwritten response from the president and is now […]

dog faints
Viral: Dog passes out with joy after being reunited with owner

The gray and white schnauzer who hadn’t seen his owner for two years passed out from excitement when the two were reunited, according to Fox News. The […]

Massachusetts mayor bullied by emboldened illegals in heated battle

Summer temperatures reached the boiling point in a hallway in Lynn, Massachusetts Friday, when a group of enraged pro-illegal aliens activists accosted the mayor as she emerged […]

‘Lovenuggets’: Wait ’til Michelle O hears about this taxpayer-funded website!

The title says it all. The British government – the folks who pioneered the idea of government-run health care in the 1940s that the Obamacare fanatics have […]