Topless or brainless? Anti-gun protesters bare their ignorance at open-carry rally

Taking “open carry” to a new level, a group of women went topless on the streets of Austin, Texas, to strut their anti-gun views.

The women turned out Saturday to protest a monthly walk hosted by a local chapter of the pro-gun rights group, Come and Take It, according to BuzzPo.


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The goal of Come and Take It is to “educate Americans on their right to openly carry shotguns and rifles in a safe manner,” according to its website.

BuzzPo reported that the topless ladies followed the pro-gun activists throughout the day, carrying signs, including one that said: “Boobs feed babies, and bring Joy and Comfort; Guns only bring Death.”

Tom Jefferson, head of the Austin chapter of Come and Take It, told BuzzPo that the ladies referenced a petition from the Michael Bloomberg-backed anti-gun group, Moms Demand Action, and commented on the group’s successful effort to persuade Target and Chipotle to ask customers not to bring guns inside their establishments.

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Jefferson said the women also made racist remarks.

“They followed us into a small coffee shop and called us the Aryan Brotherhood,” he said, according to BuzzPo. “They continually used terms like white pride and white power. Their allegations are obvious nonsense, as we not only have many African American members in our group, but also on our walk today.”

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247 thoughts on “Topless or brainless? Anti-gun protesters bare their ignorance at open-carry rally

  1. Rocketanski says:

    Off to the range…

  2. Scoop Jaxson says:

    An armed society is a polite society.

  3. Marilyn Z says:

    You know what they say…KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD. Well, it is trying to be just as weird as San Francisco…and as LEWD.

    Certainly nothing wrong with boobs feeding babies but when you start to put them out for something like this you are not only an exhibitionist but you are downright STUPID.

    Do they honestly think even one person will be swayed by this exhibition of mass ridiculousness?

    If you want to protest, do it RATIONALLY.

    Please, liberals, you are smarter than this….oh, no, maybe not.

  4. lokiswife says:

    Ladies? No, classless, idiotic females who make a laughingstock of themselves….

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