Nancy Pelosi cut off in mid-ramble as CNN’s Crowley does her nursing home act

Conservatives who remember Candy Crowley’s disgraceful meddling in the third Obama-Romney debate of the 2012 campaign have no time, rightfully, for the CNN hostess these days.

But the smooth way she cut off a wandering, irate Nancy Pelosi on Sunday morning’s State of the Union was worth a smile.

nancypelosi0727newWith the House minority leader apparently trying to blurt out Democratic talking points – but sounding for all the world like a nursing home patient dead-set on repeating for the 73rd time how she still hated that little neighbor kid for stealing her dolls when she was 8 — Crowley brought Sunday’s broadcast to an end with the skill and condescension of a health-care worker well-used to the dotage of a troubling patient.

“I have to leave it there,” Crowley said, in the tone of a nurse preparing the afternoon shot at Liberal Haven Nursing Home. “I hope you’ll come back and we will talk politics and midterms, and all kinds of things that are going around …”

Pelosi, on the other hand looked like she was resisting her nap.

“Right, well that just — I think it’s important to note, though, that through all of this, the Republicans are trying to sue the president — on a path to impeach the president,” she blurted.

“While we’re trying to create jobs and have stability in our country and in the world … I’m sorry that we didn’t get a chance to talk more about that.”

“We will do that the next time,” Crowley said soothingly. “I promise.”

Yes dear. Right after “Jeopardy!” and that nice youngster Alex Trabek.

Correction: This post originally referred to Pelosi as the “former House minority leader.” She is still minority leader. She is the former House speaker.


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