Unbelievable way these cops responded to thieves stealing pro-life display leads to lawsuit

Despite pleas to intervene, Mississippi police officers stood by and watched thieves steal massive demonstration signs used in a recent protest by the pro-life group, Created Equal.

Life Legal Defense Foundation filed a lawsuit on July 23, on behalf of Pro-Life Mississippi, charging the city’s law enforcement division with blatant and ongoing violation of free speech rights of pro-life advocates.

The group was holding a peaceful demonstration outside Jackson’s last remaining abortion clinic on July 17. Members were assured by an initial officer on the scene that they were legally allowed to be there, per the state attorney.

Passersby who opposed the protest walked up and removed the large pro-life display one piece at a time and carried each sign down the street into a garage, according to video recorded and posted by Created Equal.

You can see the group begging the police officers at the scene to stop the crime in progress but they stood by idly.

Dana Cody, President and Executive Director of Life Legal Defense Foundation, said in a statement, “The Jackson Police Department has routinely harassed pro-life citizens, who have been peacefully exercising their legal right to oppose abortion in the public square and offer information about life-affirming alternatives to women seeking abortion.”

Cody added, “For police to be selective and prejudicial as to how they enforce the law outside of Mississippi’s only abortion vendor does a disservice to the people of Jackson. When those charged with upholding the law violate the basic rights of citizens, it cannot be tolerated. Life Legal Defense Foundation intends to pursue all legal remedies necessary to stop this targeted persecution of those who promote the sanctity of human life.”

Read the Life Legal Defense Foundation court filing in United States District Court HERE

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