Restaurant owner’s surprising response to customer’s review shows true class

A crass comment in a Yelp review of an Oregon restaurant prompted the eatery to donate a month of proceeds to a women’s crisis hotline.

A poster identified as “Lee M.” used another EastBurn diner’s raving review of the Portland restaurant’s grilled cheese sandwich as an opportunity to talk about picking up women, mentioning how one got a “free abortion,” The Oregonian reported.

“My friend and I picked up some hot girls here, but he got his pregnant,” Lee M. posted on Yelp. “But she was Canadian so she went home and got a free abortion so it’s all cool now. You can get grilled cheeses here for $5.”


EastBurn’s owner, Mike Bender, surprised many with his response to the comment, saying, “As a thank you for spotlighting this kind of behavior, all proceeds through August from the sale of EastBurn’s Grilled Cheeses will go to the Portland’s Women’s Crisis Line. – Cheers!”

The Portland Women’s Crisis Line is a 24-hour resource and support organization for survivors of domestic and sexual violence, according to The Oregonian.

“It just seemed like a good thing to do. We do a lot of benefits here and thought it was a good opportunity to give back,” Bender told The Oregonian, saying disrespect toward women is “especially pervasive in the restaurant industry, and it’s not cool.”

The hotline’s executive director, Rebecca Nickels, praised Bender’s generous gesture.

“More than anything, I was really impressed with the owner’s response,” Nickels told The Oregonian. “We’re very flattered they thought of us in their response.”

The EastBurn review and subsequent responses have since been removed from Yelp’s website.

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Amanda Shea


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